Sales Habits of Winners

Sales is not rocket science but there are clear differences between what average and great sales people do differently in their everyday work. Most sales people can be successful every now and then, but it’s the best that can perform at top levels consistently.

Packed with simple and powerful checklists and a clear story to follow, this book is sure to give you a solid list of improvement ideas, whether you are an account executive, sales manager or a consultant doing sales work here and there. The improvement ideas you will get from this book will allow you to elevate your game and make you more successful in selling your ideas, products and services.

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Sales Habits Health Check

Based on the books story about an account manager named Daniel Masters and the checklists, I’ve created a workshop concept, that enables sales people to self-diagnose where they need to improve. After that I help them decide what simple things they could do differently, to improve their sales results. The workshops are run either onsite or remotely. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Sales Habits online course

Check out the online course here.

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Revenue Growth Platform

A modernization playbook for B2B businesses with topics such as:

  • New scalable B2B business models

  • New roles in the commercial organization

  • Models for aligning marketing, sales and customer success

  • Technology most commonly needed in B2B