Six parts to the book

With literally hundreds of topics that can be covered for building a B2B growth model, we’ve now simplyfied the structure and themes for the book into six areas.



Here is a breakdown of what each part of the book will be about and a few details about each section. There will be much more but this should give you a good overview of what is to come.

Part 1 - Winning B2B models

  • Expectations are changing - Living in the age of the customer
  • Changing B2B business models

Part 2 - Introducing the revenue growth platform

  • Rethinking: Value creation for the customer
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Growth platform building blocks: technology and people
  • Building your growth platform: technology or people first?

Part 3 - Maximizing customer value

  • Customer Lifetime Value thinking
  • Bringing the customer into your core processes by collaboration
  • Maximizing value in the customer journey

Part 4 - Moderninign your organization

  • Re-organizing around the customer
  • Leading revenue holistically - Creating the right culture and discipline

Part 5 - Leveraging technology

  • Maximizing human potential with technology
  • Automate for the benefit of the customer
  • Emerging technology: AI, machine learning, VR & AR

Part 6 - Build your growth platform

  • Where are you now? (Assessment)
  • Set your vision & goals
  • Build your growth roadmap

Written by: Jan Ropponen