Don't hide behind generic statistics if you want to be successful

“57% of the buying journey is complete when the buyer wants to talk to vendors! “

It’s easy to believe and hide behind these types of generic B2B-statistics and skip out on proactively working before the customer contacts you with a specific need they have.

Everything depends on a few things:

A) What you are selling. New innovations or an easy to purchase and simple product?

B) Who you are selling to. Small businesses with 1-2 stakeholders involved in purchase decision or larger corporations with around 5-20 stakeholders

C) Whether you want to be active and successful or passive and a poor/average performer

If the customer wants to order a simple product they understand well, whats the added value of talking to a sales person? A webstore can take that order, or marketing automation can nurture the customer a bit before they are ready to order.  

According to Forrester Research 74% of buying decisions go to the vendor that was able to help the prospect define what they need. Take a moment to think if this statistic could apply to your situation as well and evaluate how much value you are creating for customers in the beginning of their buying process.

We cant spend time chasing all potential deals, so make sure that the deals you decide pursue are ones where you are able to create value before others, if you want to increase your chances of winning.